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SETsquared Bath is launching Digicity

SETsquared Bath is launching Digicity

The SETsquared Centre in Bath has announced that it will be launching Digicity at the end of this month – a new kind of space to work in where young firms can have access to office facilities without the cost of permanent overheads. With free wi-fi and coffee on tap, the ethos is aimed at ensuring that entrepreneurs can inspire one another as they work side-by-side.

Centre Director, Simon Bond, said the concept had been inspired by a visit to Boston in the United States in September. He explained: “The Bath Centre has been open eight years now and thousands of people have been through the doors for networking, events, conferences and business training. Now it’s time for the next step in its growth. We see the demand and we want to grow.”

“We work closely with companies that are innovating, applying technology to create new stuff. These entrepreneurs and creators don’t want to be tied to an office but want the ability to hook up in an office environment and work alongside like-minded people.”

People wanting to use the Centre will be able to book a batch of sessions in advance online. “It’s a new work space where for no more than £20-a-day entrepreneurs can work in a cool place with cool people, with coffee & wi-fi.”

To mark the Centre’s new launch a striking mural has been commissioned by street artist Andy Council. The artwork shows Bath as a rising dragon.

“I’d seen Andy’s work in an exhibition and knew that he could capture the new spirit of rising creativity and optimism in this City. Bath is a city of icons but so many look back, not forwards. With Andy I wanted to do something that looked to the future – and with it being the Year of the Dragon and the rise of the East, I thought the dragon would work.”

For more information of Digicity please visit 

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