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SETsquared member to win the UKTI’s Exporting For Growth competition

SETsquared member to win the UKTI’s Exporting For Growth competition

Exporting for Growth Prize won by nu desine for revolutionary invention with global potential

nu desinea SETsquared Bristol member has been named the winner of the Exporting for Growth Prize and will now benefit from £5k worth of support and advice from UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), PwC and HSBC to help launch its entrance into the Japanese high tech music industry.

The competition winner was chosen from 10 shortlisted South West companies by a live audience of business leaders and a judging panel at an event atLeigh CourtinBristollast month.

nu desine, which is written in the lower case to represent the company’s understated approach, is the Bristol-based company behind the AlphaSphere, a new electronic musical instrument which can be used with music software and synthesizers to make the process of producing electronic music a ‘playable’ experience. In electronic music this is a revolution.

The AlphaSphere is the brainchild of 25 year oldAdam Placewho invented the device while at University. The judges ultimately chose nu desine as the winner of the competition due to his passion, innovation, music market knowledge and understanding, and his clear business plan. They were also impressed by the product’s potential to redefine the nature of the music technology market, or its ‘disruptive market’ potential.

Initially designed as a tool for djs, music producers and composers (the AlphaSphere Elite), Adam’s three stage approach to developing the product also includes the creation of a ‘prosumer’ version (the AlphaSphere) as well as a domestic entertainment (AlphaSphere me) product which can have connectivity with games consoles. Having secured a scholarship inJapanand speaking conversational Japanese, Adam intends to focus his initial export strategy on that market.

Adam Place, founder of nu desine said: “Winning this award is a phenomenal opportunity for nu desine as it comes at a critical time for our overseas growth and expansion. This award will help us realise our full and exciting potential for global trade and open doors as we look to enterJapan.

“The support from UKTI and sponsors HSBC and PwC, has been very good and has helped us to focus on the key messages of the business and we have received useful and varied input from different experts throughout the competition.”

The Exporting for Growth Prize competition aims to encourage more small businesses to take their products and services to overseas markets by offering a comprehensive package of support to the company with the best export idea. nu desine Ltd will receive UKTI support worth £5k and three grants for overseas travel to their target markets, plus expert business knowledge and insight from sponsors PwC and HSBC Bank Plc.

Russell Jones, UKTI Director for the South West, said: “The top three companies of the Exporting for Growth Prize were truly innovative and clearly demonstrated the potential for real global expansion and growth to both the voting audience and judges.

“Working across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines, producing innovative products and value added services and based across the length and breadth of the region, all ten of the shortlisted companies really demonstrated the diversity of the South West’s existing and potential exporters.”

nu desine is supported by the SETsquared Business Acceleration Centre inBristol, where they have been helped to develop their strategy and prepare for growth. Nick Sturge, Centre Director at SETsquared said: “NuDesine brings together the creative, music industry with the latest high-technology – the AlphaSphere actually uses some silicon chips from another SETsquared supported business, XMOS. We are really excited about the fusion between creative industry and high-tech. This is something we expect to really build on in theBristol area over the next few years”.

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