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SETsquared scale up companies  / April 2020



Legal Information


Automated Markets

We’re building the missing data ecosystem in the UK construction industry. Think TradeLens for construction. Our focus: tracking information about goods, works and services employed on large construction projects. Do that, then build value on the data by enabling better payment terms.


BioSystems Technology

Entec Nutrition is developing a novel, proprietary method for efficiently producing mealworms to significantly reduce heat requirement. Combined with automation and AI, this will enable a step change in the efficiency of production of mealworms to reduce the price per tonne making insect protein competitive with other sources of protein for food and feed.


BJS Technologies

BJS Biotechnologies Ltd is a Life Sciences Research and Development company that has successfully designed, built and sold, truly innovative Real-Time PCR (qPCR) thermal cyclers for use in the life science research and development space. The company is now looking to optimise on their novel ultra-fast resistive heating technology by developing its use in the growing field of Molecular Diagnostics (MDx). This system will have the capacity to produce up to 140 patient syndromic test results per hour.


Brain in Hand

Brain in Hand (BIH) is a 24/7 digital support system for people with autism or mental health problems that enables them to live independently and reduce their need for other more expensive support. Used by 20% of all local authority social care services, by students in 80% of all UK universities and by the NHS. The company has doubled sales year-on-year since 2016, with a turnover of £2.2m in the year to 30 Sep 2019 and is on budget to achieve over £4m in 2020. Our vision is ‘to develop the best technology to improve the independence of vulnerable people’.



Cellesce is a biochemical engineering company that is commercialising a suite of powerful new technologies for applications in drug discovery and regenerative medicine. Cellesce can provide a wide range of colorectal organoids from our biobank partners, including Hubrecht Organoid Technology (the HUB) and Cardiff University. These organoids reflect the genetic diversity and disease-relevant mutation patterns found in the major colorectal cancer sub-types.



CheckRisk is a trusted provider of risk services to over £70bn of risk assets globally. Our approach to risk is innovative, forward-looking and multi-dimensional. We think of risk in the widest possible sense: from the macro global economy, down to the micro securities level using both quantitative and qualitative analysis. CheckRisk has partnered with the University of Bristol and the University of Bath to develop a rigorous academic approach that can be translated into the real world. Legacy systems such as Value at Risk (VaR), are known to have failings and have not served the industry well. We aim to fill that gap.



Claritum is a UK Headquartered eProcurement solution company, that was founded in 2002 to help companies streamline the purchasing of print and marketing services. Claritum has in excess of 150,000 users in over 70 countries relying on us to deliver significant and measurable savings for their complex spends. With liers connected to the Claritum solution. The company is raising investment to support further growth.


Cotham Technologies

The market’s fastest tool for assembling enterprise grade mobile apps integrated with cloud and customer premise systems leading to a significant reduction in the delivery time and production costs.



Fluence combines Natural Language Processing, Forensic Linguistics & Machine Learning to provide automated decision support in high-stakes regulatory environments.



Forth is a data-driven health tech company which empowers people to reach their personal best through personalised biomarker profiling. The company does this by providing scientific analysis of home collected biological samples, combined with an industry leading results platform and personalised advice from a hand-picked team of sports and health experts.



Our software is the market’s first product that specifically targets fluid flow applications for Additive Manufacturing (AM). This means we target technologies that span all high-value engineering sectors,  such as aerospace, high-end automotive, oil and gas, energy and more. The future of our software is a truly innovative capability. Our intuitive fluid flow design tools push engineers’ productivity beyond traditional CAD.


Improved Apps

Improved Apps journey began back in 2011, when a group of like-minded Salesforce experienced specialists saw a need for a better way of engaging users. We provide the most flexible trusted solution to meet your digital needs. Our unrivalled, native Salesforce solution provides digital learning, feedback and sentiment gathering to support the agile business, drive continuous improvement and provide a better experience for everyone.


Innovative Physics

Innovative Physics has developed technology and equipment that monitors radiation levels. Our ability to provide solutions in our target markets is underpinned by a patent and Intellectual capital pool spanning pattern recognition, Artificial Intelligence and novel deployment techniques. In addition, the company evolves its current technologies to provide practical, novel solutions. Experienced in offering flexible solutions in a number of ways to the company’s customers and collaborators, Innovative Physics Limited has built up a substantial number of partnerships across the globe with representatives in Asia, USA and Europe.



We are a team passionate about finding mesmerising ways in which to blend the real with the digital world. We specialise in developing Mixed Reality (MR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) applications for engineering, tourism, marketing, and real estate industries.


Note Taking Express

Automatically generate lecture transcripts, summary notes and key concepts. All you need to do is engage and participate in the lecture while recording it on your phone, tablet or laptop. Easily integrate your slides, audio and documents to bring your project together. Our AI engine can also recommend you related learning materials.



Nuclera is a Cambridge-based deep tech company transforming the way biological systems are engineered. Our benchtop platform will deliver next day gene and protein synthesis utilising modular, single-use consumable cartridges. The key to our rapid turnaround time lies in the miniaturisation and automation of our enzymatic DNA synthesis technology. To execute on our commercial vision, we have raised a total of $12M to fund our 25-strong and growing organisation.




Origen was founded in 2013 by Tim Kruger and Charlie Curtis. We are developing technology that can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in a cost-effective and scalable manner. We have gained two patents on this process. Based in Oxford, the team has since expanded and is now furthering the development of the Origen Process whilst designing new technology capable of removing CO2 from the air at an even larger scale.


QLM Technology

QLM is developing disruptive quantitative gas imagers that will enable widespread continuous automatic monitoring for fugitive emissions by the natural gas industry. The key technical differentiation is new single-photon detection capable of high accuracy at long distances, and the core technology from mature fibre optic communications will allow a price point at least an order of magnitude below the current infrared cameras. We have demonstrated TRL6 prototypes with NPL, Total and Schlumberger, all of whom we are working with on further development.



Rescape will become a leading global provider of immersive technologies to healthcare providers, related businesses and individuals within 5 years. It will own the entire ecosystem from research to testing and deploy, delivering the right immersive content, to the right people, at the right time.


Simply Do Ideas

Simply Do is an enterprise SaaS platform enabling organisations to efficiently crowdsource innovation to deliver business improvement. The AI-powered product is used by enterprise clients including Rolls-Royce, the Intellectual Property Office and South Wales Police. They are on a mission to become the UK market leader in innovation management software within 5 years and recently featured in ’20 SaaS Startups to Watch in 2020′ alongside Salesforce and Slack (



Tivarri develops products and services to help businesses take full advantage of the Cloud, whilst maintaining compliance with regulatory bodies such as the FCA, PCI and ISO standards. Cloud technology offers benefits in terms of lower IT costs, greater flexibility, business scalability and reduced capital expenditure. Our deep and extensive knowledge of the Cloud and data management means that you can rely on Tivarri to implement Cloud IT solutions for your organisation that work effectively and deliver early benefits.



Truu is revolutionising healthcare identity and pre-employment checks. Junior doctors move hospitals every 6 months and each change requires an identical repetitive identity and document check by the new hospital; a process that starts 2 months before the start date. Due to these checks, NHS Digital estimates that 40,000 clinical days are lost every year at a cost to the NHS of £200m (BMA, 2019) and 60% of checks fail due to missing or outdated documents.



Utonomy‘s retrofittable technologies help gas network operators achieve their decarbonisation, digitalisationand decentralisation goals. Quickly and with minimum disruption.

Whether you‘re looking to reduce gas shrinkage, optimise bio-methane feed in or simply get a better understanding of what‘s happening in your network, our innovative products and cloud-based systems offer cost-effective solutions that can be quickly and simply fitted to your existing infrastructure.



The world’s first medical grade, contactless blood pressure measurement from a smartphone camera. Any smartphone globally can become a vital signs monitor. High growth markets include India (600m smartphone owners but limited access to healthcare)


SETsquared is a partnership between

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