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Frequently Asked Questions: Health Innovation Programme

Q: Can I apply if I’m outside of the West of England AHSN geographical area?

A: Priority will be given to applicants employed in the West of England AHSN & South West AHSN geographical boundaries which cover Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire, Bath, North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Applications from Wessex AHSN and South West AHSN geographical boundaries will also be considered.

Q: Where can I get some advice on submitting my application?

A:  Please email Rosie Brown, [email protected]

Q: What do you mean by innovative product, concept or service, and what stage in development should it be?

A: It has to be a new idea or concept. The concept must be realisable into a sustainable business model/proposition.

Q: Is the training programme open to anyone?

A: Please see the eligibility criteria

Q: Can we attend the course as a team working on the same business proposition?

A: There is an opportunity to attend the course as a team. As the Programme is focused on developing personal skill sets, we are asking all team members to submit an application form individually. The applications will be reviewed separately and entrepreneurs will be accepted on their own merit.

Q: Is the programme free of charge?

A: Yes, the cost of the Programme is covered by the West of England AHSN. There is an application and selection process. We are unable to reimburse any additional costs such as travel, accommodation or subsistence.

Q: Is this course about “selling to the NHS”?

A: No, this course is focused on personal skill development and taking your ideas forward. The AHSN provides other sessions to explain how the NHS procures products and services.

Q: Will I be able to pick the studied modules?

A: The modules have been developed to create a well-rounded programme, with core components covered throughout the course. There is a requirement to attend all modules of the course; please speak to Rosie Brown, [email protected]

Q: What happens if I can’t make one of the module dates?

A: Please contact Rosie Brown, [email protected]

Q: What’s the deadline for applications?

A: The deadline to apply is 1st March at 5pm. We will review your application and notify successful applicants by 6th March.

Q: Intellectual Property Guidance – How is my IP protected during the training?

A:  All Intellectual Property rights will remain with the original owner of them. Please take further advice from your employer before the course if you have queries over IP issues in your proposition. It is your decision about how much information you share about your proposition and whether you wish to keep this to ‘headlines’ only. However you will get more from the course if you can talk about your proposition. If your proposition is at a particularly commercially sensitive stage, you may not wish to take the course at this time.

Q: Do I need a letter of support from my employer to attend the course?

A: If you are selected for the course, you may be asked to provide it.

Candidate Selection Criteria

If you have any further questions, please contact: Joanna Mieszczak [email protected] or Rosie Brown, [email protected]

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