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Eligible Expenditures

Up to £30,000 of initial allocation is available for each participating team. Each team accepted onto the programme will be required to submit a budget and action plan for approval at the bootcamp and money will be drawn down against expenditure through your university’s research commercialisation office. If this is not agreed then the team will not progress on the programme.

This funding is not a grant, and there is no money paid upfront.

Expenses covered by the programme are:

  • Up to £15k towards ECR/EL’s salary costs (including ‘on costs’, i.e. university pension and NI contributions).  Salary provided will match the Early Career Researcher’s current salary. There is no additional amount paid.
  • ECR/EL’s travel, subsistence and accommodation required to conduct face-to-face interviews and attend trade shows plus the costs of online, virtual events and meetings.
  • Travel costs and accommodation for team members to attend ICURe events (bootcamp, training days/support and Options Roundabout Presentation – accommodation for bootcamp is covered by the central ICURe programme).

There can be an optional payment, up to a maximum of £1,200 (including VAT) to the Business Advisor. This sum is part of the individual team’s budget and it is the responsibility of the Team’s University to make any required arrangements for payments and IP matters.

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