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Team Member Roles and Requirements

The programme will accept applications from teams based at all UK universities for Cohort 15. There are no restrictions upon which discipline, HE institution or part of the UK that can apply as long as they have the correct team members.

  • Early Career Researcher

ICURe supports three months of full-time, intense market assessment with the Early Career Researchers taking on the role of the Entrepreneurial Lead (EL) to have meaningful conversations with at least 100 prospective customers, regulators, suppliers, partners and competitors to validate the commercial potential of their research.

For the January 2019 Cohort: ECR / Entrepreneurial Lead – must be an early career researcher and be able to commit full-time for 3 months on the programme starting the beginning of January 2019 and MUST be employed by the University for the Length of the programme.

  • Senior Researcher (Principal Investigator)

The Senior Researchers are key to the ICURe programme with their help in developing the unique value propositions and action plans during the bootcamp and their support and advice to the ECR/EL’s activities in the marketplace.

For the January 2019 Cohort: Senior Researcher, MUST be able to attend the bootcamp, options roundabout and support the programme throughout the ICURe period.

  • Technology Transfer Officer

Technology Transfer staff (TTO) are encouraged to be a proactive part of the team. Their skills and expertise regarding understanding university process and policy are essential to getting the best out of the programme. We will strongly encourage and will fund their expenses to attend the residential boot camp and options roundabout with their teams. We run a specific lessons learnt session at the bootcamp for new and existing TTO staff which has been well received. Please see the TTO guidance for lessons learnt and helpful hints created by previous TTO staff.

For the January 2019 Cohort: TTO from the university must attend the bootcamp and support the team during and post the ICURe programme.

  • Business Advisor

The Business Advisors are valued members of the ICURe team with their help in developing the value propositions, action plans and budgets during the bootcamp and their support as needed during the ECR/EL’s activities in the marketplace.

For the January 2019 Cohort: Business Advisor motivated to offer expert guidance and support.  Teams are strongly encouraged to name an adviser in their application, from a relevant industrial sector as a team member.

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