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TickBox win a majority in the General Election

Exeter SETsquared member, TickBox, took centre stage last month with their General Election website, the only online platform with the details of every party and every candidate (irrespective of size, funding or belief) standing for election.  It was also the only platform that allowed voters to enter their postcode to find their constituency and the parties and candidates in their area.

It took the TickBox team just four months to build this entirely new data set that even the government didn’t have. As a result of this commitment, to make large amounts of data accessible, TickBox was awarded a Google grant to ensure their services remained online and operational during the election period.  

The statistics make for interesting reading:

  • 3,969 candidates from 130 political parties campaigning 44 million + voters.
  • 1.7 million postcodes linked to 650 constituencies.  Which resulted in 2.1 million page views on TickBox General election 2015 site.
  • 256,000 voters have used TickBox in the last 10 months, resulting in over 22,000 subscribed members.

Headline comments from the press:

“TickBox is my favourite ‘who to vote for’ site yet.”
Craig Woodhouse, Sun Political Correspondent

 “Although young people are in the main passionate about political issues, too many of them are turned off by traditional party politics and also the mainstream media’s relentless negativity about politics. TickBox is an excellent tool to help the digital generation understand, and choose, the policies that will shape their future. Because they are the future and they are also the generation to save political debate and progress in the UK.”
Alastair Campbell, Former Director of Communications and Strategy, No. 10

The platform isn’t just for the general election it can be adapted for any democratically elected model and has already been used for the 2014 Scottish referendum, the European elections and by universities across the country for student union elections.

Find out more about TickBox

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