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Bioinduction Ltd

Ivor Gilbie

Ivor Gilbie“Even third time around, starting a business is tough, lonely and unpredictable. SETsquared mentors give me clarity when I’m lost in the fog.”

Ivor Gilbie

Bioinduction specialises in bioelectric medicine and is working on implants that go deep into the brain to treat Parkinson’s disease and other neurological diseases.

Top 3 achievements:

  • Launched Optimised Control, a robotics company, which grew to 60 people in UK and USA and guided to a $20m exit to a large US corporation.
  • Founded Motionbase, a company making motion systems and simulators for flight training particularly for helicopters. Sold the company to QinetiQ.
  • Now founder of Bioinduction, which has successfully authored three patents granted internationally, with more in the pipeline.

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