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Blu Wireless Technology Ltd

Henry Nurser

Henry Nurser“The Bristol SETsquared organisation has helped provide an invaluable mechanism for companies in the area to share ideas and unite under a single ‘banner’ when lobbying for support from local and central government.”

Henry Nurser

Blu Wireless’ unique HYDRA is fast becoming the default communication ‘engine’ for the emerging 5G telecom networks.

Top 3 achievements:

  • Serial entrepreneur, created a new business (within a large corporation) of $30m p/a turnover based on R&D that was completely funded by the end customer – a form of ‘corporate entrepreneurship’.
  • First company in the world to demonstrate a 1Gbps link over 300m using low cost WiFi technology.
  • Built on sales coming from a number of major US and Asian companies, Blu Wireless forecasts breaking even in 2018 – even though it has received <30% of the investment of other start-ups in the sector.

SETsquared is a partnership between

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