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Glenn Smith & Sebastian Toke-Nichols

“SETsquared has supported Cloudfind with advice from their team and mentors. They have been instrumental in introducing us to potential staff and consultants that have aided us in the execution of our business.”

Glenn Smith & Sebastian Toke-Nichols

Cloudfind is pioneering next generation search for modern business. Cloudfind searches across multiple cloud based SaaS applications allowing users to improve how they organise information for themselves and for their team, no matter where it is located.

Top 3 achievements:

  • Glenn was previously a board director of OneDrum, a startup that had a successful exit to Yammer in 2012, just prior to Microsoft’s acquisition for $1.2b and Sebastian previously held senior roles at Cramer Systems (later Amdocs) and Convergys, that were sold for a combined value of $1 billion.
  • Awarded “Most Innovative Company” in the South West from Business Insider Magazine for previous robotic related venture.
  • Raised £2.5m to date from UK based angel investors.

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