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Explaain Ltd

Matthew William Morley

“I can honestly say that without the support of SETsquared and the University of Exeter, none of what we’ve accomplished would have been possible. As a testament to the support SETsquared has given us as entrepreneurs and to the company as a whole, we have committed to supporting events with guest speakers as well as looking to establish an R&D lab in Exeter to encourage the next generation to take their first step.”

Matthew William Morley

Explaain creates interactive content cards which automatically overlay on your existing website.

Top 3 achievements:

• In a previous venture TickBox, Matthew developed the world’s first completely automated ‘voter advice application’ to spearhead a new age of citizen engagement. In conjunction with various well-known brands to reach a large UK based audience.

• Informed over 2.4 million voters during elections since 2015.

• Secured funding from both Google and the EU via the Horizon 2020 grant, to develop technology further.

SETsquared is a partnership between

  • University of Bath
  • University of Southampton logo

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