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Move (MoveGB)

Alister Rollins

“The University of Bath Innovation Centre and SETsquared have offered great support and services from seed through to the growth stages of both businesses.”


Alister Rollins

The ‘Netflix’ of physical activities. One membership to 1000s of fitness activities from gyms, to climbing and hand stand classes!

Top 3 achievements:

• Serial entrepreneur – started first business aged 20 at University of Bath, which became the market-leading data and loyalty business in fitness and was successfully sold 9 years later.

• Created Move to disrupt the fitness industry and remove barriers stopping us from being more active. Movers are 4 x more likely to be active than single venue users.

• Move is now one of the fastest growing fitness businesses with 200,000 users and growing rapidly.

SETsquared is a partnership between

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