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Nquiringminds Ltd

Dr Nick Allott

“SETsquared and the University of Southampton have been instrumental in creating opportunities and fostering innovation. SETsquared is behind us helping to foster a hub of rich relationships which helps to connect us with partners and new business opportunities – we are proud to be part of the innovation ecosystem which is SETsquared.”


Dr Nick Allott

Nquiringminds has created core technology platforms. These platforms are: TDX (Trusted Data Exchange) a cloud based data platform designed to ingest and analyse diverse data types at scale and InterliNQ, which is a secure IOT middleware platform to be run on IOT routers and IOT sensor nodes.

Top 3 achievements:

• Secured Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things contracts in Agritech, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Social Care and Finance.

• Joined the Prime Minister on her first trade mission to India to demonstrate the best of UK technology. Theresa May said of Nquiringminds: “I want to show off the best of British business on the trade trip to India – and Nquiringminds certainly fits that category.”

• Identified by Cisco as a Top 15 company in IOT. Awarded: Cabinet Office Open Data Champion award, a parliamentary nomination for Innovation in Productivity, an IOT Boost award for their Healthcare product line, and Cyber Savvy Company of the Year 2016, for security credentials.

SETsquared is a partnership between

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