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Professor Paul Krause

“The University of Surrey provided a wonderfully creative environment for carrying out the research that underpins both the technology and the ethos of”

Professor Paul Krause

Involved in the foundation of RuleMotion Ltd in 2011, whose name was changed in 2016 to to reflect its focus on infrastructure to support deployment of distributed systems.

Top 3 achievements:

• Secured $9m in funding from DFJ, GE Ventures, Ericsson, and Aspect Ventures in 2016.

• Enabled customers to deliver innovative products into the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems domains. As a result, massively reducing the barriers to entry for a developing ecosystem of innovators.

• Supporting infrastructure for Software DEVelopment and information technology OPerationS (DEVOPS) for the evolution and adaptation of innovative products. Founder and CEO Alexandros Marinos states as company policy that he is “offended by things that have been built with the assumption change won’t happen.”

SETsquared is a partnership between

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