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Stephen Kyle-Henney

“SETsquared has helped me develop my commercial understanding which is essential in running a business however good the technology is. Notably SETsquared managed funding support for TISICS leading to the development of satellite pressure vessel technology and over £2m in contracted work since 2011.”

Stephen Kyle-Henney

TISICS develops and manufactures fibre reinforced metal composites for high performance aerospace, space and energy system components. The technology allows 30% to 70% weight savings which can be exploited by customers for reduced fuel consumption, increased performance or higher payloads in marine, land, air and space environments.

Top 3 achievements:

• Secured £10m in contracts, £1.2m investment and £3m in export sales and is the only private company producing silicon carbide fibre and metal composites in Europe.

• Developed a world leading silicon carbide fibre in terms of performance and production economics which will enable significant weight reduction on aircraft and hence CO2 emission reduction.

• Secured one of the largest research contracts awarded to an SME by ESA, partnering with Thinklaser to develop a unique metal composite winding technology through €2.5m contract.

SETsquared is a partnership between

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