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Trueinvivo Ltd

Dr Shakardokht Jafari

“I was lucky enough to take part in the SETsquared Researcher to Innovator programme and the follow up ICURe Innovation-to-Commercialisation programme. I had never thought about being an entrepreneur until then but with the aid of others I could see how I could combine my passion to help the world with developing a sustainable business.”

Dr Shakardokht Jafari

Novel radiation detectors made from micro silica beads that can be inserted into a patient to measure the dose and spread of radiation received during radiotherapy. With the associated fast measurement system the detectors provide a “radiation ruler” that gives clinicians confidence that their planning and calculations are working properly.

Top 3 achievements:

• Designed, developed and implemented a medical device to help infertile women in Afghanistan. Over 14,000 uses (and many new children) so far.

• First woman from Afghanistan to get a physics PhD.

• Women in Innovation Award from Innovate UK, November 2016.

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