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Trackener’s horse care device available for pre-order

SETsquared Basingstoke member, Trackener, has released its unique horse care device for pre-order. The device is set to revolutionise the horse care market and horse care practices globally.

Currently daily horse care relies principally on visual assessment and gut feeling, which is very limited. Horse owners and carers are doing their best to take care of the horses but the horses still experience health problems.

Trackener’s device is worn by the horses 24/7, meaning horse owners and carers can get unprecedented insights on the mobile app about the horses’ life and exercise sessions from anywhere in the world, and can be alerted as soon as the early signs of underlying problems appear. This allows not only early detection of problems, but also helps improve the horse’s wellbeing thanks to insight into the horses’ exercise sessions and general behavior and anxiety.

The goal is to help amateur horse owners take the best care of the horses they love but also to help racehorse trainers, professional equestrian riders and polo players reach the best performances through better health and wellbeing of the horses.

Moreover, for equine healthcare professionals, having access to precise information about their patient’s activity, behaviour and heart rate, they can adapt the treatments and rehab planning so that it’s the most efficient.

Pauline Issard, CEO & Co-founder of Trackener says: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the demand from horse owners across the world for our product, it’s so exciting that it’s now available on the market and we will be shipping the devices in March 2018. From idea conception through to this point has taken 2 years and SETsquared has played a key role in accelerating the time taken to bring this to market through the mentorship we’ve received, specialist training, introductions to investors and industry experts.”

Adrian Braine, Entrepreneur in Residence at SETsquared Basingstoke commented: “Trackener were referred to SETsquared by a local IP firm and I was immediately impressed by their determination. They have identified a problem in a high value market and have set about designing a solution.  This has been a real bootstrapping exercise, although £50k Seed funding has been a welcome boost, £40k of which came through the Surrey 100 club. It’s great to see the product coming to market.”

Trackener is available to pre-order on

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