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Two million people use election advice website 

Two million people use election advice website 

Matt Morley

More than 2 million people used a  new  election advice website, devised by Exeter SETsquared alumni member Matt Morley, to help them decide how to vote.

Serial entrepreneur, Matt Morley 23, bought the domain name just seven minutes after the election was called.

He then created  a quiz to help undecided voters choose between the political parties.

The quiz has broken the previous UK record of 1.1 million users.

“We’re delighted that has now become the largest voting advice site ever built in the UK,” said Matt.

Speaking about buying the domain name, he added: “I snapped it up because the snap election meant people would be searching more than ever and ‘GE2017’ would be a major search term.”

Before diverting his attentions to the election, Matt was working on his start-up company  Explaain, which creates interactive fact cards for news websites.

He said his team built on the work of previous voting advice sites by including “nuance”  answers to provide greater accuracy.

They also included  a special section where students can compare whether their vote matters more at home or at university.

Matt also thinks voter advice could easily be  integrated into social media.

“Social media networks already know about your beliefs, ambitions, interests, like and dislikes, so it wouldn’t be a big jump for them to automatically create a voter advice application which was tailored to individuals,” he said.

Matt was named as one of our ‘ones to watch’ in our Top 50 entrepreneurs in 15 years, read his profile

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