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Two Surrey members win IC Tomorrow Urban Spaces Contest

IC Tomorrow (part of Innovate UK’s digital innovation programme) recently ran an Urban Spaces Contest, to ‘find digital solutions that improve cities at human-scale for the people who work, live and play in them’. 

Congratulations go to two Surrey members, Accelogress and Crowd Connected, both of whom scooped £35k to develop their solutions.

The contest featured four challenges which were set by corporate partners: Transport for London, Centro, Clear Channel and Atkins, and the winning companies will now go on to trial their solution with the challenge partner over a period of three months.

Here is a summary of the solutions put forward by both companies.

Enhanced Travel Data in partnership with Transport for London (TfL)
Colocator for Platform and Carriage Density
 by Crowd Connected

“Our solution will combine TfL’s current static carriage density model with real-time platform and carriage density sensing to provide dynamic real-time and predictive carriage-by-carriage data. This will be available to passengers as a platform level app feature, providing suggested changes to platform location and route planning based on predicted congestion. It will be available to staff via mobile devices to allow them to better manage platforms. And it will be available to control rooms to allow them to better manage the network.” James Cobb, CEO, Crowd Connected

Effective journey Management in partnership with Centro
Save-a-Space: Cloud-based Parking Management Application
by Accelogress

Save-a-Space provides an effective means for drivers to plan or instantaneously find the most suitable parking spaces at their destination, allow them to make guaranteed bookings and automate the entire process such as payment on their smart phone. Save-a-Space key strengths are that it gives service providers, such as Centro, an integrated solution that monitors the usage of parking spaces and the identity of customers to manage parking operation parameters in real-time.” Dr Ralf Kernchen, CEO, Accelogress

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