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YellowDog nails second Oracle award for Disruptive Technology

Bristol SETsquared member, YellowDog, has won their second Oracle award at the Oracle UK Customer Excellence Awards.  The Disruptive Technology award, which was new this time, is given in recognition of an Oracle customer that has created a new market or that is disrupting an existing market, therefore displacing marketing leading firms.  Nominated by a team at Oracle, YellowDog walked away with the top prize.

The company were judged winners due to their unique technology that harnesses and monetises underutilised computer power.  Currently, YellowDog is delivering an unrivalled fast and cost controlled cloud rendering service to the animation, CGI and virtual reality industry.  This super-compute power is both crowd- and cloud-sourced including using Oracle’s Bare Metal Cloud recording benchmark performance that is twice as fast as anything else in the marketplace.

Oracle wanted to make a donation to each of the winners chosen charities, alongside recognising each of their business achievements. YellowDog chose The Mix, which connects young people to experts and peers who give them support and tools needed to take on any challenge from homelessness to finding a job, from money to mental health, from break-ups to drug issues.

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