The Evolution of SETsquared

The development of the SETsquared Partnership has been catalysed and funded through a range of Government programmes.

1999 - University Challenge Fund

A bid led by Bath to establish the Sulis Seedcorn fund with Bristol to invest in spin-out companies. The Fund was extended in 2001 to bring Southampton into the limited partnership, raising the Fund to £9m (Surrey is part of the Cascade Seed Fund consortium).

2001 - Science Enterprise Challenge

A second round Wessex Enterprise Centre bid with Southampton and Bath, led by Bristol. The bid value was £2.85m.

2002 - Higher Education Innovation Fund - HEIF 1

A £5m bid led by Southampton to establish SETsquared (incubation) with Bath, Bristol and Surrey.

2004 - HEIF 2

A successful collaborative bid secured £13m - integrating all HEIF activity under the SETsquared Partnership banner.

2006 - DTI Science Bridges programme

SETsquared Partnership was awarded £1.5m for a programme to support applied research and US market access with Southern California.

2006 & 2008 - HEIF 3 & HEIF 4

Under the institutional HEIF 3 & 4 programmes, partner universities continue to support the enterprise activities of the Partnership.

2011 - HEIF 5

Exeter join the Partnership in March.
SETsquared collaborative activities continue to drive economic growth from the University knowledge base, developing entrepreneurial students and supporting technology start-up support.