Investment Companies


Company Sector Business Summary

2iC Limited


2iC has developed innovative software that is used to join systems and devices that were not originally designed to work together. Optimized for low power, low bandwidth environments the proven software enables flexible connectivity of devices, such as sensors, vehicles, UAVs, cameras or wearables such as a vital signs monitors. 2iC uses an open standards architecture to provide a unique mechanism to coordinate connected systems and devices and run business processes securely across them to deliver business value.

Atom Universe Ltd

Video Games

Atom Universe is a cross-platform social network set in a theme park. It includes games, rides and attractions to let users chat, challenge each other, dance together, drive vehicles and play games. Atom Universe is the only cross-platform virtual world, and captures live in-game data to monitor user behaviour in real-time. Atom Universe is also compatible with VR systems such as PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

BeaconSoft Ltd

Software technology for Digital Marketing

BeaconSoft has created Beacon, a way for businesses to have the ability to maximise their results from social media spend and reduce their overall marketing costs for better return on their overall social and digital marketing investment. This means agencies can measure the success of social media activity by individual posts and by campaigns across all social and digital channels. Based on big data analytics and a powerful user interface, Beacon enables businesses to identify, execute and refine their social media campaigns to make the most of their investment.



BotsAndUs has developed Bo, the first product with state-of-the-art human robot interaction technology. Bo is an autonomous robot that can be used as an intelligent and interactive assistant for events, hospitality and retail. Using Bo revolutionises customer and guest experiences – saving them time and helping companies optimise and increase sales via innovative advertising. He also provides consistent, 24/7 high quality service without having to depend on staff.

Care Systems & Innovation

Healthcare Technology

Care Systems & Innovation deliver a powerful Good Governance dashboard for regulated care homes that drives compliance towards Outstanding Ratings, improves care and drives business profitability. We cleverly extract the data from existing operational software solutions, interrogate the combined data and test it vigorously against the CQC Key Lines of Enquiry (of which there are 167 questions). We then present the results as a meaningful single view dashboard that directly maps to CQC outcomes and provides the care home with a LIVE rating – In the form of; Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement or Inadequate. 


Online Food & Drink

Consumers are more conscious of food quality and have an increasing desire to source premium quality products locally for same/next day delivery. The era of the cash rich/time poor ‘foodie’ is here. Good Sixty is a unique online marketplace serving these consumers and helping the best independent food businesses to thrive online. This £10 billion independent grocery sector consists of over 40,000 high quality outlets, that currently have no credible online platform in which to operate. We offer a collective platform where consumers can discover great independent food, order online and have their groceries delivered to their door. Good Sixty is faster, represents the highest quality produce, and has a more positive social impact than buying food from supermarkets and anywhere else online.


Fashion Retail

HOLM has developed a cloud-hosted SaaS application for fashion stores, turning untrained sales assistants into trusted, highly productive, personal stylists. No guesswork here, they use real data including customer measurements, meaning instantly accurate recommendations on the shopper's first visit. A 'magically personal' clothes shopping experience and a stunning new level of customer service that wins their loyalty and dramatically grows profitable turnover for the retailer.

Inovo Robotics


Inovo Robotics is developing a modular robotic arm for the manufacturing industry. Our mission is to help companies manufacturing products in batches become more globally competitive through the use of robotic automation. This can improve their productivity and significantly reduce operational costs, unlike other industrial robots ours system makes it quick and painless to automate the tasks that are currently performed manually in so many batch manufacturing processes. Our system is highly versatile and can easily be re-purposed between frequently changing tasks. The technology we have been developing provides an easy transition from the dependence on manual labour towards a future of scalable, cost efficient manufacturing anywhere in the world.

JOOK Fashion/Retail/Marketing

JOOK helps fashion companies sell more through its marketplace app and its influencer matchmaking technology using blockchain. It has partnered with the world’s top retailers and fashion influencers, including the likes of Harrods, ASOS, Nike, Topshop and Burberry, to turn Instagram photos into shopping destinations. JOOK already works with over 1,000 influencers from over 26 countries, including over western Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA.


Travel-Technology/Artificial Intelligence

KOMPAS has developed a mobile app that understands a person’s interests, tastes, and budget using the latest advances in supervised machine learning. It cuts through the noise of city exploration, by providing users with personalised and relevant recommendations on where to go, what to do and how to get there, taking the hidden, unique and local recommendations into account. They help you find personalised recommendations, act independently and most importantly save time.

LettUs Grow Ltd

Agricultural Technology

LettUs Grow design efficient irrigation and control technology for vertical farms. Their proprietary technology and integrated farm management software delivers higher crop yields, reduces production costs and makes farmers’ lives easier. Vertical farming is a highly resource-efficient means of growing fresh produce without soil, in stacked shelves under LED lights and in a controlled environment. LettUs Grow’s patent-pending aeroponic grow bed offers a 20% increase in farm yield, compared to the market-leading aeroponic competitor. This represents a step-change in a fast growing $2 billion global market.

​Living Map

Software Development

Living Map is a digital map and data platform that gives cities, businesses and building a simple, powerful way to manage and communicate the most important information about their physical space. It enables the owners of the world’s most complex places to transform their users’ experiences, reduce costs and generate revenue.

LuJam Security Ltd

Information Technology/Information Security/Cyber Security

Soon, all business owners will have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The threat from Ransomware and Malware has never been more acute and the growing Internet of Things compounds the problem. Small organisations are still trying to combat these challenges using Firewall and Anti-Virus alone. This just isn’t good enough. Not only do these businesses risk serious disruption, but they’re also exposed to liability, litigation and reputational damage. LuJam’s subscription based service monitors, logs, blocks and reports suspicious traffic. Our jargon free customer experience, targeted at the business user, provides cyber protection and privacy compliance.

Motion Impossible

TV/Film and VR

Motion Impossible design and market robotic camera dolly systems to the TV & Film market.  Movement is a key feature of film making and traditional methods for adding movement involve the use of cumbersome, manually operated equipment.  Virtual reality filming is growing massively, and traditional tools are not fit for this purpose.  To overcome this problem Motion Impossible created the world’s first robotic camera dolly system for VR filming.


Food and Beverage

Ordoo has created an app for busy people to save time collecting food and drink. Users can order ahead at cafes, coffee shops, lunch spots and bars to beat the queue and earn loyalty rewards. Ordoo's mobile ordering app ensures your customers come back more frequently, spend more and bring their friends. Unlike other apps that will charge a commission to bring venues new customers. Ordoo's customer engagement platform optimises thier current customer base to increase sales without increasing costs. 

RedLux Ltd


RedLux develops ultra-precision optical coordinate measuring machines for the dimensional inspection of high volume and/or high value components. Its machines provide fast, accurate, non-contact dimensional quality assurance for manufacturers who are dissatisfied with limitations of traditional contact measuring equipment. Unlike other technologies, RedLux’ systems are more accurate and work on most surfaces.

Stay Planner

Travel Technology/Software

Stay Planner is a cross-platform Digital Concierge helping hotels and villa operators engage with guests and enabling them to provide truly unique experiences. Currently supporting eight luxury brands across 1200 properties, we help clients dazzle guests and gain a unique insight into their preferences.

Streeva Ltd


Streeva has developed a payment communication platform that delivers secure, anonymous content directly to consumers through digital transactions. It enables banks to provide receipts and other content directly to consumers, while ensuring protection of merchant-sensitive data. Light-touch integrations with merchants will enable them to frictionlessly deliver encrypted content to their consumers, which will make mobile banking the consumer interface and place to go to receive purchase-linked data such as receipts, tickets, tax benefits and communications. By combining this technology with blockchain, Streeva’s first product Swiftaid looks to automate Gift Aid on contactless donations, thereby increasing the amount charities receive without costing donors more.


transparently Limited


There are three sides to every story; your side, my side and the truth. transparently restores integrity, by making all communication between a client and their former partner, permanent and visible to their respective solicitors in real-time – giving them back the time to proactively manage any conflict. Legal professionals are then better able to counsel their clients through the divorce process. Individuals are given a foundation, upon which to rebuild and recover. 

xim Ltd

Digital Health

Xim has developed Lifelight, a technology that provides early warning of critical health changes for older patients at low cost, without the inconvenience of wearables or manually logging data. It uses a standard camera, plus advanced cloud software, to detect a user’s vital signs by observing tiny changes in skin colour. Lifelight can alert nurses and carers to high health risks and allow patients to be constantly checked.