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SETsquared Investment Futures 24


The following companies are pitching at the SETsquared Investment Futures 24 on 28th November 2023.



Alethium brings quality through technology to the dietary supplement B2B supply chain.

Sector: Supply Chain, Dietary Supplements | Investment Ask: £350k

Astral Systems

Astral Systems is a developer and manufacturer of compact, long life, fusion reactors ready for sale today within the nuclear medicine and fusion energy research markets.

Sector: Nuclear Medicine, Healthcare | Investment Ask: £4m


DRIFT Energy Ltd

DRIFT Energy harvests renewable energy in the 70% of the globe we call the Ocean. Creating the world’s first net positive ships that produce green energy. Like a free range wind farm, or fishing boat for energy… with planet scale impact. We make Oceans of Energy!

Sector: Green Energy, Green Tech, Renewables, Green Hydrogen, Maritime | Investment Ask: £5m

EarSwitch Ltd

Commercialising novel in-ear multi-biometric technology and health data insights

Sector: Medtech | Investment Ask: £7m


A safety app that detects if you get physically attacked, responding instantly. | @epowarsafety

Sector: Health and wellbeing, security, consumer technology | Investment Ask: £250k



Evolve Dynamics

Design, develop and manufacture advanced autonomy UAVs for defence and commercial sectors.

Airborne autonomy. Whatever the weather. | @evolve_dynamics

Sector: Aviation, Defence, UAV, Technology, Automation | Investment Ask: £8m

ForceTeck Ltd

Sport Technology company that aims at making contact sports safer for the players and more fun for the fans!

Sector: Sport Technology | Investment Ask: £250k


Good With Limited

Financial Behaviour Analytics Solution supporting Financial Services’ Risk Prediction & Decisioning for ‘Credit Invisible’ Young Adults

Sector: Fintech | Investment Ask: £600k




Impulsonics makes biotech automation simple and scalable so that scientists can focus on the problems that matter.

Sector: Biotech automation | Investment Ask: £250k


Kelpi has developed a world-leading, seaweed-based coating for paper and card, replacing fossil fuel plastics in packaging for food, drink and toiletries. It’s biodegradable, yet has a sector-leading water barrier – why we’re in contract with some of the world’s largest brands.

Sector: Sustainable materials | Investment Ask: £3m

KMO Fleet

KMO-Fleet is an innovative mining technology company specialising in the optimisation of mobile mining fleets. The system has been developed to work independently of extensive WiFi networks and complicated infrastructure.

Sector: Mining, AI | Investment Ask: £250k


Mapstack Ltd

Mapstack transforms spreadsheets into interactive maps that allow SMEs to unlock valuable geographic insights from their data. | @mapstack

Sector: Software, GIS, Location Intelligence | Investment Ask: £500k


Our Rainwater

The smart solution to reduce surface water flooding and sewer spills in to the environment | @OurRainwater

Sector: Water, Environment, Sustainability, SaaS | Investment Ask: £750k


A sports and health tech platform connecting sports and activity providers with new participants through an innovative new marketplace dedicated to getting more people more active more often | @playwaze

Sector: Sport Technology | Investment Ask: £450k

Plused Ltd

Supporting teachers to deliver health and wellbeing in schools.

Sector: Digital Health, Edtech | Investment Ask: £300k

Precision Clinical Intelligence

MABVIEWER™ from Precision Clinical Intelligence – Right drug, Right patient, First time.

Sector: Healthcare | Investment Ask: £3.5m


Reserve & Charge Limited

Reserve & Charge is a platform with APIs to smartly manage EV charge point reservations offered to Charge Point Operators. EV drivers reserve a charge point when and where needed, in their existing charging apps. Charging networks gain a powerful tool for smartly managing demand. | @reservecharge

Sector: Digital Innovation, EV charging infrastructure, Transport | Investment Ask: £250k


The #ONLY SaaS company offering proven inclusive online interviews and assessments enabling underrepresented people get jobs.

Sector: Computer software, HR | Investment Ask: £300k

Sequestim Limited

Walk-through security body scanners. Faster than “Fast Track” for everyone.

Sector: Security Sensors | Investment Ask: £2.5m

SpatialCortex Technology

SpatialCortex helps responsible workplaces protect their staff from Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) before they occur, using revolutionary sensor technology and AI analytics | @spatialcortex

Sector: Health and Safety, Safety tech, SaaS, Hardware | Investment Ask: £500k

TherMap Solutions Ltd

TherMap Solutions build advanced measurement systems to help engineers and scientists solve thermal challenges in electronics and batteries.
TherMap instruments empower research and enchance quality control, accelerating the transition to sustainable technologies. | @thermaps

Sector: Industrial Metrology, Semiconductor, Advanced Engineering | Investment Ask: £600k

TrainAir Ltd

The Training Marketplace enables Training Buyers to find the highest quality trainers at a lower cost, with real time availability and access to specialists. For Training Providers it provides new clients at higher daily rate, vital customer insights and essential support

Sector: SaaS | Investment Ask: £650k



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