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CheckRisk: University expertise boosts product development

CheckRisk: University expertise boosts product development

CheckRisk is an independent provider of Risk consulting services, risk models and commentaries to assist decision-making and the formulation of risk strategies, primarily in global financial sectors.

CheckRisk develops macro-to-micro anticipation by unlocking risk insight in financial markets, across business networks and, uniquely, in risk attitudes and behaviour amongst individuals in the workplace. We help clients answer the simple question “are you being paid to take risk?”

For several years, CheckRisk has worked with the Universities of Bath and Bristol via SETsquared, allowing their clients to benefit not just from the experience and pragmatic skills of the CheckRisk team, but also the inspiration and backing of heavyweight academic institutions.

Joining the Scale-Up programme in 2018 enabled CheckRisk to “formalise and accelerate this process”, according to Director of Strategy, Huw Bunn.

CheckRisk: University expertise boosts product development


Start date: 2008

Website: Visit website

Location: Bath, UK

Employees: 10

SETsquared programme: Scale-Up



Started collaborative R&D project: New Risk Paradigms at University of Bath Initial application to become a Financial Services business


Changed business model to develop consulting services for Financial Services Companies


Created an Investor Risk Profiling framework that provides the scientific basis for CheckRisk InVest product


Launched CheckRisk early warning system identifying changes in the financial markets


Joined SETsquared Scale-Up Programme


Won Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) Award for InWork Profiling tool, with expertise and R&D support from the University of Bath and £130k public investment from Innovate UK.


Initiated research project: Early Warning of Critical Phase Transitions in Financial Markets with University of Bath

“We’ve had a relationship with the University of Bath since CheckRisk was established in 2008.”

“Our principal belief has always been that risk is a fundamental part of human progress. This makes it an incredibly dynamic area, and the ecosystem of risk approaches that we’re committed to developing requires highly complex modelling.”

“Our work with Universities, our relationship with SETsquared and more recently our participation in the Scale-Up Programme has allowed us to formalise our thinking around this strategy, and to accelerate our evolution as a business.”

“The Programme is run by really good people who understand what we are trying to achieve as a business, just as much as they understand the academic element behind it. Scale-Up has given us access to high-level researchers who we would not necessarily meet, including a Professor of Entrepreneurship, a Doctor of Psychology and many other PhD students.”

“The assistance we received from SETsquared for our KTP bid was exceptional. Our associate starts in February 2020 and will work with the departments of Entrepreneurship and Psychology at Bath University to develop our unique InWork profiling tool.”

“This support and funding we won would, on its own, more than justify our participation in the Scale-Up programme. That was an exceptionally complex and demanding funding application and SETsquared’s involvement was absolutely invaluable.”

Huw Bunn, Director of Strategy

SETsquared is a partnership between

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