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Inductosense: A wireless ultrasonic sensor for rapid and low-cost inspections

Inductosense: A wireless ultrasonic sensor for rapid and low-cost inspections

Inductosense Limited is a spin-out from the University of Bristol that has developed compact, wireless sensors for the fast, repeatable detection of cracks, corrosion or defects in structures or products. The Inductosense WAND sensors are the first solution on the market that do not contain any batteries or wires, enabling them to be permanently embedded into structures and products for through-life monitoring.

Inductosense: A wireless ultrasonic sensor for rapid and low-cost inspections


Start date: 2014

Website: Visit website

Location: Bristol

Employees: 12

SETsquared programme: Innovation to Commercial Realisation (ICURe)

SETsquared support received: ICURe grant, events, market research, networking

Investment raised: Innovate UK Grant £500k; Private funding £310k


October 2014

Started on ICURe programme

October 2015

Innovate UK Grant

April 2016

Gained 1st R&D contracts

September 2016

£190K private investment

November 2016

Launched first product

March 2017

Innovate UK Grant

September 2017

£1.35m private investment

February 2018

ISO accreditation

April 2018

Launched new commercial product

“The ICURe programme helped us understand the market need for our technology and identify the immediate and easier to access opportunities which subsequently fed into our business plan. During the programme we met with over 100 companies from the oil & gas, nuclear, automotive, aerospace, defence and composites industries; and their insight helped us to refine our technology. ICURe provided invaluable training and support, and we wouldn’t have got to where we are now without it.”

“We realised there was a business opportunity but ICURe accelerated our progress, and the intense three-month period of going out and doing the market validation really propelled us forwards. Without ICURe it would have taken much longer to get the business off the ground. The Innovate UK funding also helped us develop much faster. We were proud to be one of the first ICURe projects to receive Innovate UK funding and it enabled us to develop a product and work with partnering companies on a range of exciting applications and have now launched a product and begun shipping systems.”

“In the last year we have secured £1.35m in funding from a consortium of investors. We have used that investment to conduct trials with large companies in the Oil & Gas industry, to build our team and to develop a full commercial offering. In early 2018 we also received ISO accreditation and ATEX/IECEx certification on our sensors – necessary milestones to enable us to deploy sensors across Oil & Gas infrastructure.”

“We now have a 12-strong team across the UK with an office in Bristol and Aberdeen and we are continuing to scale-up our business development activity by establishing a business presence world-wide. The team is currently working with a number of major companies with an initial focus on Oil & Gas, but also projects in Nuclear, Renewables and Composites.”

Dr Matt Butcher

Dr Matt Butcher, CEO
Inductosense Limited

SETsquared is a partnership between

  • University of Bath
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Exeter
  • University of Southampton
  • University of Surrey