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Intro: a faster way to connect with new friends, colleagues and business contacts

Intro: a faster way to connect with new friends, colleagues and business contacts

Intro is a brand new app that removes the barriers to building relationships – either in a social or professional context. Whether it’s a couple of students wanting to get connected on various social media platforms, or a recruiter looking to on-board prospective graduates, Intro is about to revolutionise the way people connect. Intro isn’t a new social network, but a facilitator that makes it easier for people to connect across all social platforms and exchange contact details with ease. A blend of cutting edge technology – Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi Fi and ultrasonic sound – means it really will work anywhere.

All thanks to the ambitions of graduates and lifelong friends Max Beech and Tom Phipps – with a little help from their friends on the SETsquared 3 Day Start-Up programme. In just three days, they were able to take this novel product from the germ of an idea in Max’s head, to the beginnings of a viable commercial iOS and Android app. After an inspired weekend session vying with some of the UK’s hottest young entrepreneurs for a chance to pitch their idea to a panel of investors, Intro really took off.


Intro: a faster way to connect with new friends, colleagues and business contacts


Start date: October 2017

Website: Visit website

Location: Southampton

Employees: 2

SETsquared programme: Student Enterprise/3 Day Start-Up


September 2017

Two young graduates team up to create a new community of interest app for connecting students on campus, and for recruiters, businesses and organisations to improve their engagement and marketing capabilities.

November 2017

Tom and Max attend SETsquared’s 3 Day Start-Up Programme.

June 2018

Around £40,000 raised for product development and marketing via the University of Southampton Web Science Institute’s Z-21 Innovation Fund and University of Southampton’s SEED Fund Programme, as well as funding from Exeter University.

September 2018

The Intro app launches to the local market – Southampton – a year after its inception, following several successful funding rounds. Innovative blend of cutting edge wireless technologies delivers an always on product to use anywhere on campus and in local bars, clubs, restaurants, shops and business environments.

November 2018

Intro becomes one of few start-ups selected by Future Worlds for its 6-month Accelerator Programme.

February 2019

Exhibiting with Future Worlds at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2019, Las Vegas, to reach a potential audience of more than 180,000 delegates.

April 2019

Further rounds of seed funding to help expand the user base, with the aim to capture the majority of the university market within the next five years.

“The 3 Day Start-Up event workshop gave us the motivation to take ourselves seriously. We learned how to develop a business strategy, build an early mock-up of what the product could look like, and plan the next steps of our endeavour,” says Max. “It was like business-focused hackathon, cramming a month of know-how into a weekend. The workshop helped us find the direction for Intro – otherwise it would still be just an idea.”

“We learnt how to build a persuasive pitch to attract heavyweight investors and developed a detailed proposition designed to get the development funding we needed,”

“We now have a fully working product, with the Android app and iOS app launching in October 2018. Several successful funding rounds have so far raised nearly £40,000 – thanks to the University of Southampton Web Science Institute’s Z-21 Innovation Fund and the university’s SEED Funding Programme. We’re also really excited to be one of the few start-ups selected for Future Worlds 6-month Accelerator Programme.”

Tom and Max

Tom and Max, Founders

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