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Binit: Taking the waste out of waste

SETsquared Exeter member and co-founder of Binit discusses how her vision of taking the waste out of waste has taken her on an exceptional entrepreneurial journey.

Philippa Roberts is a Chartered Waste Manager with 18 years’ experience in the sector, who, along with co-founder Claire Harrold, in 2016 created Binit.

Based on an Uber model the company offers a range of recycling and rubbish services for businesses. At the heart of the business are core goals to tackle the environmental impacts inefficient waste disposal currently has on our environment whilst essentially, to their customers, they are emptying bins in a cost-effective way.

They have received a range of support as members of SETsquared Exeter and in 2019 successfully pitched for investment at the  SETsquared Investment Showcase.

Phillipa commented: “Starting a business can be really isolating. By being part of SETsquared you become part of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Being part of a vibrant community where other people are in the same position at the same time has been really important.”

SETsquared is a partnership between

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