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Smart Separations: Getting an idea to market

Hugo Macedo, Founder & CEO at Smart Separations, a company that has been supported by SETsquared Surrey, shares his thoughts on how to get your idea to market.

Smart Separations has developed a ceramic membrane that can provide a more controlled, versatile, and low-cost microfiltration solution for several industries. The microfilter is designed to filter out particles between 1 and 100 microns in size, from bacteria to pollen, using a robust ceramic material. The unique manufacturing process allows the membranes to be tailored to a wide array of new systems and it has the potential to dramatically reduce the wastage found with traditional disposable filters.

Making use of a proprietary platform technology, the Smart Separations team has been looking into ways to change the way we filter blood, water and air for use in air pollution reduction, cancer research and more, developing the next generation of microfilters.

Hugo Macedo said: “SETsquared came at a very crucial time. Through SETsquared I have been receiving coaching support which has helped me to refine our strategy and to understand better where we want to go. Over these last two years it’s been a great experience to be working with people in SETsquared and alongside other likeminded entrepreneurs. I believe that this has played an especially important role in this journey.”

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