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Studyfast UK: lessons in learning.

Studyfast UK: lessons in learning.

Inspired by his own, less-than-perfect learning experience as a teenager, Jordan Harry is on a mission to equip people like him with the skills to learn faster and remember more.

Jordan knows that the best ideas come from tough experiences. When he was 10, he had a speech impediment which left him struggling to read throughout school. Eager to turn this around, he became a speed reader while studying at the University of Bath. He now reads at 1,500 words per minute (seven times faster than the average reader).

“I quickly discovered that the faster I got, the more I was able to filter out and retain the knowledge I needed. Then I thought of all the other bright kids and students struggling to learn, simply but because no one had taught them how.  So I started StudyFast to help others unlock their potential to learn anything faster.”

Studyfast UK: lessons in learning.


Start date: October 2015

Website: Visit website

Location: World-wide (I go where the clients are and stay there)

Employees: 5

SETsquared programme: Student Enterprise/3 Day Start-Up



Starts up Studyfast UK to specialise in high-quality, speed reading and memory training


Works on the Enterprise Bath team helping to nurture and support creative business ideas


Recruits young entrepreneurs for the University of Texas three-day competitive start-up programme


Runs a programme of globally accessible, affordable public workshops and one-to-one Skype training


Delivers an educational programme for lecturers to help students understand how to learn


Delivers a corporate programme for managers managers to improve staff productivity and career development


More than 5,000 people in over 130 countries now learn faster, thanks to StudyFast

Jordan says the most important success factor for a new business is an open mind and getting in a room with all the right people. For him, one weekend in the company of a handful of like-minded contemporaries was enough to make a dramatic difference. Chance encounters endorsed Jordan’s belief in his product, helped him grow his business and introduced him to his first major business contract.

Hosted by SETsquared and pioneered by University of Texas, the three-day start-up programme is designed to help students from the five SETsquared university partners (Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton & Surrey) to bring their ideas to life through creative business thinking and enterprising skill sets.

Students either come along with a business idea they want to develop or join a group working on a business idea that they like the sound of. They work on these ideas in groups across the weekend with workshops, training and mentoring and at the end they pitch to a panel of investors. There’s a prize for the winner and ongoing business support to help them take their idea forward.

“In just three days, I not only drew enormous inspiration from start-ups just like me, but made contacts that enabled my business to really take off. The atmosphere was brilliant. Ten enterprising brains from five top universities, working together around the clock. Like the man who’s since built a business around an invention to make life easier for people with short term memory loss, by reminding them to tick things off their list of things to do.

“Getting involved in his project on the workshop was a big confidence boost for StudyFast, because my business was also about helping others to improve their chances of success in life. I also met the winner of the NASA hackathon challenge, who since kindly offered to help build StudyFast’s apps. And then I made a connection with the professional training company, Corkscrew, through a colleague on the course. Thanks to that chance meeting, StudyFast now works with Corkscrew to deliver a learning skills programme for business people all over the world.”

All this, and Jordan Harry is still only 21

Jordan Harry

Jordan Harry, Founder
Studyfast UK

SETsquared is a partnership between

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