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Evolv Rehabilitation Technologies

7 Plaza Parade, Maida Vale, London, NW6 5RP

  • Location:

    7 Plaza Parade, Maida Vale, London, NW6 5RP


    EvolvRehab is our CE certified software and hardware platform that combines Virtual Reality and Motion Capture technologies plus Gamification to complement traditional rehabilitation. It is used by public and private social and healthcare institutions which provide short- and long-term rehabilitation services for persons with neurological, orthopedic or age-related conditions.

    Our goal is to deliver multidisciplinary therapy activities to reflect the similar type of service a patient would receive within a clinical setting, all over a single platform.

    The EvolvRehab platform includes assessment, exercise and exergame modules that allow therapists to provide individualized therapy that can be done safely without a therapist present. It helps promote high doses of repetitive therapeutic activity which is required to improve motor and cognitive function leading to improved quality of life.

    Clinicians use the EvolvRehab Manager to set up patient profiles, prescribe treatment plans consisting of personalized virtual therapy activities, monitor patient adherence and results and communicate with patients through video conferencing which allows them to watch the patient perform their prescribed activities in real time. The analytics from EvolvRehab can be used in conjunction with other clinical data in reporting for reimbursement purposes.

    Our purpose-built CE certified RehabKit is a simple to operate hardware unit which incorporates the Microsoft Azure Kinect with a powerful gaming pc which can be used in clinical and home settings. The RehabKit only requires a connection to a power outlet, an internet service and a TV to begin offering patients virtual therapy in different settings. The one-button start system connecting to EvolvRehab simplifies the start-up procedure and means no technology experience is required.

    EvolvRehab has been used by thousands of patients of all ages and levels of disability in nearly 400 rehabilitation institutions, day centers and elderly care residences in 20 countries worldwide.

    We sell licences in both a subscription model and a perpetual one-time payment model. Evolv has 10 international distributors.


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