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Eight businesses scaling-up this September

Eight businesses scaling-up this September

September appeared to mark the beginning of Scale-Up season, with eight innovative new companies joining the programme last month.

From marketing moguls to carbon-mapping tools, insect farms and all-in-one admin platforms, a breadth of businesses have taken the next step in their journey, with SETsquared. Let’s find out more about our eight newest members.


Mesenbio is a University of York spin-out delivering mesenchymal stem cell technology. These stem cells are present in bone marrow composition and play an important role in regenerating healthy bone and cartilage. However, when extracted from donors, these cells present a problem for batch consistency. Mesenbio’s cell lines have all emerged from a single donor, eliminating regularity troubles which have previously plagued regenerative medicine. This technology will be implemented in Mesenbio’s novel CLEVR platform, which will develop new therapies to combat uncontrolled inflammation in juvenile idiopathic arthritis.


Herdify logoHerdify

As much as 60% of digital marketing spend is wasted each year by businesses. This staggering figure may come as a surprise to some, but Herdify, an innovative marketing and e-commerce company from London, has turned this figure to its advantage. Offering subscription-based AI software to clients, the programme extracts and analyses business sales data directly from e-commerce platforms. With this data, the software is able to generate audience targeting reports that are integrated directly with major advertising channels, saving businesses valuable time and money, whilst maximising return on their ad spend.



Lurnable is a data-driven education technology company focused on delivering bespoke, educational services to international students aged 11-21. Its data-driven tools enable students and their families to make informed educational decisions which will be best suited to their individual needs. Whether it’s finding a potential school, college, or university in a city on the other side of the world, or accessing a skills development course, Lurnable’s breadth of platforms cut through the red tape.



Zedible LogoZedible

Zedible is a real-time, cloud-based platform helping to map, track and offset the carbon footprint left by the hospitality supply chain. The carbon tracking platform combines aggregate purchasing and revenue data with a life cycle inventory (LCI) database to analyse the Co2 output and intensity derived from each sale. Through its involvement in the Scale-Up programme, Zedible is looking to work alongside academics to expand its life cycle inventory database and develop a carbon-coefficient, which will integrate the operations of wholesalers and food producers into entries in their LCI.



The all-in-one toolkit that enables independent health practitioners to manage major functions through one, intuitive platform. The software is designed with solo practitioners in mind, offering the essential back-end tools to optimise fundamental clinical processes, and ultimately, free-up more time to get back to what really matters – seeing patients. Practitioners are able to manage appointments, invoices, and carry out virtual appointments through the Isosconnect software. Isosconnect is interested in engaging with academia to create a body of research exploring the effectiveness of multidisciplinary care in consumer health.



Edibl is revolutionising the UK’s pet market by producing insect-based, nutritionally balanced pet food. Crickets are a source of incredible nutritional value. They are rich in proteins, lipids, iron and B12 amongst other micronutrients, and also contain more omegas 3 and 6 than wild salmon. Where animal agriculture has become one of the largest contributing factors to climate change, cricket production has a drastically lesser effect, using less land, less water, and less feed. These insects are then manufactured into sustainably sourced pet food for our four-legged friends.


PreConvey LogoPreConvey

Buying a home in the current market is a stress that many of us simply cannot face. But for those that are moving on up, PreConvey and its conveyancing packs are able to make sure you are prepared and ready for that all-important exchange. Utilising intuitive UX, AI login and Blockchain Ethereum security, your assets, documents, and details are kept safely and securely. Through involvement in the Scale-Up programme, PreConvey is hoping to work with academics to support the development of a new minimum viable product (MVP).


Edge Mobility LogoEdgeMobility

Edge Mobility design and manufacture compact, liquid-cooled electric motors and battery systems for sale to small electric vehicle OEMs. As consumers move towards more eco-conscious vehicles and transportation, the demand for replacement components will only continue to grow. Launching officially in November of 2022, Edge Mobility will power the next generation of light, electric vehicles.



Since 2018, the Scale-Up Programme has helped its members secure over £100m in funding and investment and our track record shows that funding bids supported through Programme have a 35% success rate.

If you’re working with advanced technology and need funding and investment to take your business to the next level, check out the benefits of the Scale-Up Programme by clicking on the button below

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