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The ANSYS Startup Program you gives you instant access to ANSYS solutions so you can start building virtual prototypes of your new products.

The ANSYS Startup Program gives you full access to CAE simulation software bundles that are built and priced to help entrepreneurs grow their business quickly and cost-effectively.

The ANSYS Startup Program provides entrepreneurs access to a broad range of ANSYS simulation software, bundled and priced to help you grow your business while stretching your funding further.

Our goal is to provide you with the best tools to grow your business to its fullest potential. Our software is the fastest, most accurate and least expensive way to bring your vision to light.

Many of the world’s greatest companies began as startups and ANSYS is committed to partnering with today’s startups to help them grow into tomorrow’s industry leaders.


  • You must be a privately held company
  • Your company must not provide services or consultancy services
  • Your company must be less than 10 years old
  • You must have less than US $5m revenue per year

For more details please visit

You can see some success stories here, have a look at the bundle definitions here, and see more of what Ansys can offer startups here.

Next Steps

This partnership offer is available to businesses supported by a SETsquared Business Acceleration Centre, or actively participating in a SETsquared sector programme. Please contact Hugo Armitage for details on how to sign up to the ANSYS deal. Please include your company name and which SETsquared centre or programme you are affiliated to, and Hugo will be in touch.

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Please note: all offers are correct to the best of our knowledge. The final terms of the deal will be arranged between the SETsquared supported company and the provider. SETsquared will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies listed in any of the offers, please Contact Us to let us know if this deal is not as listed. Thank you.

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