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Sustainable Chemical Technologies Innovation Workout 


Day one 

Welcome and Introductions

The opening session will set out the objectives for the 2 days of training and what we all hope to achieve through it. It also gives the opportunity for us all to get to know each other as a group as each company will present who they are, what is their value proposition, and why it matters. 

Session 01 – What does the UK’s investment landscape currently look like? 

We’ll take a broad look at the country’s current investment landscape, exploring emerging trends and sectors of particular interest.

Refreshment Break

Session 02 – Investment landscape for businesses innovating across sustainable chemical technologies

This session will drill down into a more sector-specific view – exploring investment opportunities at all stages from seed to venture scale. We’ll also introduce some of the leading investor funds that you should be aware of ahead of your next raise.

Lunch Break

Session 03 – Types of Income

How can we make sure that we connect the right investment with the right milestones? That’s what we’ll be exploring during session three. We’ll also look at some of the income types available to businesses in the sector, and how those marry up with the growth stage you’re currently in, and looking to achieve.

Refreshment Break

Networking and Panels

Wrap Up and Finish 


Day two 

Recap of Day 1 

Quick recap of the subjects and key takeaways covered on day one.

Session 04 – Income milestones

Following on from our learnings in session three, we’ll explore how we track our progress and identify what investors are looking to see at different stages. We’ll also use case studies to evidence this.

Refreshment Break

Session 5 – Positioning strategy

Achieving startup-investor fit encompasses a multifaceted approach, involving portfolio positioning, impact assessment, and investor profiling. In this session, we’ll explore how this can be achieved.


Session 6 – Campaign planning

In this session, you’ll gain invaluable insights into crafting compelling narratives and establishing credibility to instil confidence in your startup. We’ll delve into the art of trust-building, exploring strategies to showcase your team’s expertise, highlight your traction, and communicate your vision effectively to inspire investor confidence.

Refreshment Break

Networking and Panels

Wrap up and finish

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