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The season to scale continues at SETsquared

The season to scale continues at SETsquared

Seven exciting new companies joined the Scale Up programme throughout October. Whether it’s exploring the future of single-use plastics in medicine or improving efficiency in data analysis extraction, these companies have an intriguing idea that could completely revolutionise lives around the world.


The Scale-Up programme boasts an impressive track record of supporting innovative SMEs looking to raise investment. Since 2018, members have secured over £100m in funding with the programme’s support, and our most recent cohort has signed up for a slice of the action. Let’s learn more about the businesses embarking on their scale-up journey this October.



Ground-9 is at the pre-revenue stage of its development, working to disrupt traditional shoe manufacturing processes by bringing a more sustainable manufacturing and delivery structure to the market. Its new innovation embraces sustainability throughout its entire lifecycle, incorporating hemp to minimise its CO2 impact on the environment. Ground-9 is looking to work with researchers and academics to improve the performance of the raw material and establish ongoing R&D relationships with university partners.



SPRYT is developing a solution to eliminate the problem of appointment DNAs (Does Not Attend) in the healthcare system. Their solution goes beyond prediction, to take action and change the outcome of a no-show in a positive way for both the patient and the system. SPRYT’s virtual receptionist Asa enables patients to book or reschedule medical appointments via conversational message or voice. Asa applies behavioural science and generative AI to adjust the language and messaging to specific population segments to improve equitable access and optimise attendance at appointments.


OM Medical

OM Medical has developed an applicator device that can be used in surgeries to disinfect the skin before incision. At present, 80% of all surgical procedures worldwide are performed with single-use devices. The NHS alone is a significant consumer of these applicators, using approximately 10-12 million of these devices every year. OM Medical are producing an alternative to this by designing applicators from bio-degradable components, minimising the health industry’s impact on the environment, and moving this vital industry towards more sustainable solutions.


Paington Tile Co

Paignton Tile Co is developing methods to recycle porcelain, and ceramic tiles to create a substitute for traditional Portland Cement. Cement production is the third worst source for anthropogenic CO2 emissions after transport and energy production, and a Chatham House Report suggests that the industry needs to reduce its annual emissions by 16% in order to fall in line with the Paris agreement. Paignton Tile Co is hoping to work on associated projects linked to the recycling of tiles to create a more sustainable cement alternative.


City Farm Systems

City Farm Systems is exploring an environmentally sustainable alternative to vertical farming. The green-tech company believes in growing closer to the consumer, reducing supply chain emissions, and extending product shelf-life in the process. This system relies on developing hydroponic technologies that make this a viable and affordable reality for communities and businesses in urban areas. Through the Scale-Up programme, the hope is to work with university research teams to explore crop development and nutrient/chemistry-related projects.


PuriFire Labs

PuriFire Labs is addressing the climate crisis through innovation at the intersection of science, engineering, and sustainability. Its first solution, Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) chemically treats plastic waste to convert it into oil that chemical companies can incorporate into the production process of new plastics. The second solution is a carbon capture system that extracts CO2 from post-combustion flue gas emissions. With the support of the Scale-Up programme, PuriFire is hoping to raise funds to pump into its new thermo-chemical technology.



This spin-out from the University of Edinburgh previously participated in the ICURe programme and is now looking for further research funding and equity investment to continue its software development. Omecu’s software allows the analysis of genomic and health-related data sets, minimising time spent waiting and maximising efficiency when extracting valuable insights from data. The analysis platform gives researchers the ability to query their data interactively.



If you’re working with advanced technology and need funding and investment to take your business to the next level, check out the benefits of the Scale-Up Programme by clicking on the button below

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