HubSpot provide a host of tools to assist startups with their marketing. All from a single platform.

As a SETsquared supported company you have access to HubSpot's Jumpstart programme which provide savings of up to 90% in Year 1, and 50% in Year 2.

Program Details:

The Jumpstart program only applies to the Pro/Enterprise editions of HubSpot, see for more details. These prices are typically billed annually and include a £2,100 consulting investment. However, Jumpstart was built in order to minimize initial investment for seed stage startups. The Jumpstart program includes:

  • Required 12 Month Subscription, Billed Monthly
  • 90% Software Subscription Grant paid by HubSpot for your first 12 months (pricing structure still applies per, After your 1st year you can renew at a 50% grant rate. So a Pro 1K package (meaning less than 1,000 contacts in your database,) is £56/month rather than £560.
  • One-Time fee of £378 for on-boarding/training/support instead of £2,100. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applies solely to SETsquared companies currently supported or alumni within one year of 'graduation'
  • Companies must have received less than $2m in funding
  • Companies must have less than 10,000 contacts in Database
  • Companies must have less than £1m in revenue/year
  • Not an existing HubSpot Sales Professional or Marketing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise customer

If you have questions on the HubSpot Product, please reference these materials: (overview of all tools within the HubSpot Product) (demo video displaying common workflow)

In addition, HubSpot recently released a new CRM/Sales enablement tool that you can read/watch at

As a startup, you may be using a myriad of different tools, HubSpot has the potential to consolidate all of them under one roof. To find out more login to the Client Portal.

Next Steps:

Please login to the Client Portal to find out how to sign up.