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Renovos: a clay model for rebuilding bodies

Renovos: a clay model for rebuilding bodies

Among many life-changing, pioneering ideas to emerge from the SETsquared’s Health Innovation Programme, is a revolutionary regenerative biomaterial from Renovos Biologics that could transform the lives of patients suffering bone loss resulting from trauma, injury, disease, or advancing years.

Renovos is commercialising the world-class research undertaken at the Bone and Joint Research Group, University of Southampton, drawing on over 50 years’ combined expertise in skeletal stem cells, translational orthopaedic research and materials for tissue repair.

Renovos is developing a novel therapeutic, clinical grade platform based on gels formed from nanoclay. This exciting material allows an injectable approach to stimulating stem cells to provide safer, easier and more cost-effective approaches to tissue repair. Renovos will also provide unique research tools to empower healthcare researchers to develop the next generation of medicines.

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Renovos: a clay model for rebuilding bodies


Start date: March 2017

Website: Visit website

Location: Southampton

Employees: 5

SETsquared programme: Health Innovation Programme

Investment raised: ORUK £140k

Investment raised: Innovate UK £200k



Dr Jonathan Dawson , Research Fellow and technology expert in biomaterials and nanoclays and Professor Richard Oreffo, leader of the Bone and Joint Research Group and Director of the University’s Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration, harness the structural properties of clay nanoparticles for regenerative medicine at Southampton University.


To properly develop the potential of clay nanoparticles, they create the spin-off company, Renovos Biologics, based in the Southampton Science Park, together with James Otter, bringing governance and commercialisation experience to the team, and Dr Agnieszka Janeczek, a regenerative medicine expert taking on business development and operations.


Innovate UK injects £200,000 to fund pre-clinical product development, for which Renovos also secures early-stage private investment


Renovos develops its patent-pending technology as an injectable clay gel for treatments where bone formation is required


Renovos becomes a finalist in the Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies Competition


Renovos receive £140,000 investment from Orthopaedic Research UK (ORUK), the first time the charity has invested in a startup.

“We want to make advanced regenerative treatments a routine option for the treatment of bone loss and bone repair throughout the healthcare market. Nanoclay technologies will make orthopaedic regeneration procedures more efficient, safer, simpler, cheaper and customisable for a wide range of innovative treatments.”

“SETsquared’s mentoring team at the Health Innovation Programme and the company of other healthcare innovators quickly gave us the focus, confidence and understanding to translate groundbreaking biotechnology research into a unique product to target the huge market for biomaterials and services. Importantly, we learned how to convey our message in a coherent way in order to win financial backing, to define our target market and hone a hybrid model to reach researchers and healthcare professionals across the field of regenerative medicine.

“It was an intense few days of very high quality support and mentoring. And definitely worth it, not just for developing an idea, but for attracting networking with like-minded entrepreneurs.”

“Still in its infancy and just over a year old, this tiny start-up now stands poised to exploit a huge and growing market, worth an estimated US$5 billion, by an ageing population and a more active lifestyle trends among younger generations.”

Agnieszka Janeczek PhD, Business Development Manager

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