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Day 2: How to win VCs and influence them

Day 2: How to win VCs and influence them


Day 2 started at around 04:00am for me with Jetlag still working through my system.  After a few hours working with the team in England, I set off for the Cambridge Innovation Centre for the second day of kTeams.

A full program of meetings today was concluded with a panel discussion on “How To Win VCs & Influence Them: Insights & Strategies from 4 Top VC firms”. The 4 Boston-based VCs shared their insights into the Capital raising process from a VC perspective.

It was fascinating and included tips such as:

  • Get an introduction from an entrepreneur known to the VC
  • Don’t ask for money on the first meeting
  • Research VCs carefully and find those interested in your sector, but without investments in your direct competitors
  • If the answer is no, ask why and then come back a year if the problem is fixed
  • Avoid advisors who want a slice of the fundraising

A well spent evening, and the beer and pizza was welcome too.

More tomorrow.

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