Case Studies

Theta Technologies: Cracking the problem of flaws in engineering components

25thJul 2017

Unique technology by Theta Technologies detects flaws in engineering components enabling an early warning of material degradation to such a detailed level, it is unmatched by any other forms of testing. The ultrasonic technology was developed by Dr Peter Armitage during his PhD at the University of Exeter.

Based at the Innovation Centre at the university, Theta Technologies has utilised academic research, facilities and recruitment opportunities to develop and bring to market its patented engineering solution.

Thoughtified: Tiger tracking on the web

1stNov 2013
"There is a constant effort from every single person in SETsquared to help. In other organisations, you find people cannot afford the time to help everyone, but SETsquared is unique in what they do, and they're a great group of people."
Georgios Michalakidis, managing director, Thoughtified
Aaron Mason, managing director, Thoughtified

Fast facts 

Tidal Generation Limited (TGL)

14thNov 2012

Tidal Generation Limited (TGL) joined the Bristol SETsquared Centre as three founding directors with a desire to become market leaders in the marine renewables sector. SETsquared provided a professional, supportive environment and a sounding board for new ideas, enabling the business to grow from 3 to 30 people in a way that focused on realising the development of their marine technology.