Case Studies


17thJun 2011

Glythera is partnering with pharma and biotech to create a new generation of biological therapeutics through advanced glycosylation technologies. The company’s expertise in protein/peptide functionalisation and glycosylation technologies allows them to develop products that impart improved pharmacokinetic properties to biological therapeutics.

The Idea/Product


17thJun 2011

SETsquared Business Acceleration in Action

Member since March 2007, Membership level Alumni

The Gnodal founding team joined SETsquared Bristol in March 2007. The team were already a world class, proven, technical team with a twenty year track record. What was missing was a lot of polish, a stronger commercial focus and funding. The team needed a sanctuary to start up a business in a private, low cost and supportive environment whilst they remained under the radar. Their idea was to develop a novel, innovative solution that would be a major disruption in the large Ethernet network market and help customers massively improve performance of their networks.


20thSep 2011


“You can’t just shove a plant in a pot and expect it to survive.  You have to nurture it with the right size pot, food, water and light.  SETsquared provided the right conditions for Gnodal to thrive.”   Fred Homewood, CEO and Co-founder.