Without ground breaking university research there are many communication tools that would not be in existence today and yet we take them for granted.

Research at the five universities of the SETsquared Partnership has led to the invention of the mobile phone which created a whole new industry and has affected the everyday lives of billions of people – the way we socialise and the way we do business. In a similar way the creation of the internet was only made possible by ground breaking research at universities within the SETsquared partnership.

Perhaps more than in any other area we can see and experience the impact of university research through the field of communications and information technology, much of which originated in the labs and minds of our university professors.

Research at the five universities within the SETsquared Partnership includes:

  • Optical Fibres - Pioneering research and development has played a pivotal role in the development of optical fibres that underpin the internet.
  • Satellite Research - The development of small satellites enabling countries and industries which could not previously afford to build satellites to now build small low-cost satellites for various uses.
  • The Speech Scrambler - The ‘speech scrambler’ is a device used by the UK’s ‘blue light’ emergency services to provide secure communications over mobile networks.
  • The Strained Quantum Well Lasers - The development of strained quantum well lasers which provide a fast, powerful, precise and energy efficient way to send signals and information down optical fibres and for writing and reading optical memories such as CDs and DVDs.